Utilities Consulting

Drawing from a rich legacy of 25+ years in MEP design consultancy, AWA stands as a beacon of expertise. One of our core proficiencies lies in utilities consultancy, an area where we’ve seamlessly collaborated with numerous clients, lending our expertise in diverse utility consultancy roles crucial for project success.

Our seasoned team of chartered technical engineers and visionary designers stand ready to offer a comprehensive spectrum of professional advice, spanning every phase of a project’s lifecycle. From the embryonic stages of conception to the final brushstrokes of completion, we provide invaluable support in roles such as strategic planning, utility optimization, and seamless integration.

Our extensive track record of utility consultancy speaks volumes, spanning the gamut of sectors – from the intricate nuances of residential architecture to the grandeur of commercial spaces, the vibrancy of retail environments, and the robust demands of industrial edifices. Each project we’ve delivered serves as a testament to our adaptability and prowess across diverse sectors, showcasing our ability to tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry landscape.

Unveiling AWA’s Comprehensive Utility Services that we can offer our clients

Existing Utility Records Searches

A comprehensive exploration of existing utility records to gather crucial information about current utility supplies, enabling a clearer understanding of the site’s infrastructure.

Diversion Quotations for Existing Supplies

Assessing the cost and logistics involved in diverting existing utility supplies, providing accurate quotations for the necessary redirections.

Meter Disconnections & Disconnection Quotations

Facilitating disconnection processes, including obtaining quotes and overseeing the disconnection of utility meters, ensuring a seamless transition.

Temporary Building Supply (TBS) Quotations

Providing temporary utility supply quotations to support ongoing construction or temporary structures, ensuring uninterrupted operations during development phases.

Utility Statements

Compiling detailed utility statements that outline current utility usage, costs, and any pertinent contractual information, aiding in decision-making and future planning.

PAS128 Surveys

Instructing PAS128-compliant utility surveys to accurately map underground utilities, minimizing risks, and facilitating informed design and construction decisions.

Viability Assessments & Feasibility Studies

In-depth evaluations to determine the practicality, viability, and potential challenges of utility-related aspects within a project, guiding informed decision-making.

Utility Load Assessments & Network Capacity Assessments

Analysing existing utility loads and network capacities to ensure that proposed developments align with the available utility resources and capacities.

Existing Services Diversions/Disconnections Coordinated Drawings

Creating plans detailing existing utility diversions or disconnections, co-ordinated with all other existing or proposed services, ensuring a clear visual representation for construction coordination.

New Site Services Coordinated Drawings & New Utility Applications

Creating co-ordinated site plan drawings for new site services, co-ordinated with all architectural, structural, civil and landscape services that can be used for facilitating the application process for new utility connections.

Budget Quotations for New Supplies

Providing estimated costs for installing new utility supplies, assisting in financial planning and project budgeting.

3D Coordinated Incoming Services Drawings

Generating Revit 3D plans, detailing sections, elevations and layouts of incoming utility services, aiding in comprehensive project planning and coordination

Each of these consultancy services plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient utility management, seamless project execution, and informed decision-making to enable the project to get off the ground.