Residential Projects

We undertake residential projects from 50 units up to 500 units as part of a stage 4 design project or up to 1500 units as part of a stage 2 pre-planning project.

We work with some of the largest developers and contractors such as Countryside Partnerships, Bellway Homes, Hill Group UK and Higgins Partnerships to deliver high quality dwellings for a range of occupiers.  

AWA offer a full range of mechanical, electrical, public health engineering services for residential projects including district heating schemes, integrating air source heat pumps on low temperature heating systems.

We encourage energy efficient design to reduce the carbon footprint on each of our residential projects by utilising low energy systems design.  

By getting away from using natural gas to fuel heating systems, we are heading towards decarbonisation of the network.

Selected Residential Projects

Hepworth Place, Walthamstowe

Lexington Gardens, Nine Elms

New Avenue, Oakwood