We are delighted to once again be working with Hill Group UK to assist in the pre-planning phase of a significant residential redevelopment in Colindale.

The regeneration of this 1970’s estate aims to provide approximately 750 new high quality residential units including flat blocks, maisonettes, and houses across three phases.

The redevelopment will take place in three phases and include the demolition of all current residential units on site. The affordable homes will be delivered as part of the first two phases and will include houses, maisonettes, and apartments to cater for all members of the existing local community.

“We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Hill’s again and the rest of the design team in the pre-planning phase of this project,” expressed Director Tim Bailey. “Our goal is to lay the stage 3 plans for efficient and sustainable MEP systems that align with the vision of this re-generation development.”

The involvement of AWA in the early stages underscores the commitment from our client to be proactive with the planning and precision of the MEP design at an early stage of the project. By collaborating closely with the client and the design team, our aim is to anticipate challenges, innovate solutions, and set the stage for a residential space that embodies functionality, comfort, and energy efficiency.