Coventry City Centre South Development 

In a move set to transform the urban landscape of Coventry’s city centre, AWA have been awarded the Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health design services for this colossal multi-phased development project.

The project, set in the heart of Coventry city centre, encompasses a complex integration of residential, commercial, and retail spaces, heralding a new era for the area’s urban infrastructure. AWA have been entrusted with the crucial task of designing and implementing the MEP infrastructure, ensuring seamless functionality and sustainability across this ambitious venture.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen to continue as the MEP Consultants for stage 4 of this transformative project after recently supporting the team with pre-planning,” remarked Director Daniel Moynihan. “Our team is poised to leverage our expertise in mechanical, electrical, and public health design to create a modern, efficient, and sustainable environment for the people of Coventry.”

The project’s multi-phased nature presents a unique challenge, requiring an intricate approach to synchronise residential, commercial, and retail spaces seamlessly. AWA’s design philosophy, rooted in innovation and sustainability, aligns perfectly with the vision for this development, promising to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that optimise energy efficiency and environmental impact.

The company’s track record in delivering high-quality MEP designs for complex multi-phased projects has been a cornerstone of our selection for this project and our ongoing relationship with Hill Group UK.

The Coventry City Centre revitalization project is poised to redefine the area’s landscape, blending residential, commercial, and retail spaces into a vibrant, cohesive community hub. AWA’s role in shaping the MEP infrastructure promises to be a pivotal element in bringing this vision to fruition, ensuring that the development stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability.

Once complete the full scheme will have over 1500 units with 991 units completed within phase 1, design work is expected to commence in the new year on the early stages of the design. The collaboration between Hill Group, AWA and other stakeholders involved in the project is anticipated to set a new standard in urban development, reaffirming Coventry’s position as a city at the forefront of innovation and progress.

To date AWA have enjoyed supporting Coventry College’s new engineering T-Level curriculum design and have participated in numerous workshops with the College’s ‘Engineering Skills for the Future’ forum to that end. This is only one of many commitments AWA have made to support social values in the locality of the project, which in their perspective is just as important as delivering excellent design. Director Daniel Moynihan stated regarding this “using our skills, resources, and time to help make a social impact in Coventry is of paramount importance to us. This is only one of many commitments we have made to deliver real social value to the people of Coventry.

AWA look forward to the project developing in the new year – watch this space!