Joshua Tsoi

REVIT Technician

Josh, with more than a decade of dedicated involvement in the construction sector, has amassed a wealth of expertise as a CAD & BIM Coordinator. His extensive journey within the industry has allowed him to finely hone his skills, particularly in the realm of Revit.

His tenure at AWA has proven to be a pivotal chapter in his professional development, affording him the opportunity to not only sharpen his technical prowess but also to seamlessly integrate as a valuable team member. Within the innovative environment of AWA, Josh has actively engaged with and leveraged the latest advancements in software, further elevating his proficiency in the nuanced art of computer-aided design and building information modelling.

Throughout his role as a coordinator, Josh has left an indelible mark on a multitude of high-end projects. His commitment to delivering excellence is evident in the meticulous and detailed drawings he consistently produces, setting a benchmark within the industry. Utilising cutting-edge software, he has consistently demonstrated an ability to meet and exceed the exacting standards and timelines.

Professional Credentials

Education Background

  • Attended Notley High School completing GCSE’s.

  • City & Guilds Carpentry Level 2 at Braintree College.

Professional Experience

  • Started as an in-house trainee working with some of the top consultancies in London.

  • Has experience in MEP & Architectural 3D modelling.

  • Josh has had the privilege to work on various projects ranging from the latest AstraZenica R&D laboratory in Cambridge to Shinfield Studios in Reading.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Josh spends a lot of his free time playing video games.

  • He is also an avid collector of vinyl and DJs regularly.

  • During the weekends, he also fishes and plays golf with friends.