Rupert Shearer


Rupert graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering with Energy and Environment. He began his career as an MEP engineer, and has specialised as a Mechanical Engineer since joining AWA.




Rupert works closely with the client and design team, using his knowledge of the wider MEP disciples to make holistic decisions during the design process. He is passionate about sustainable, long-lasting design, and is constantly looking for ways to incorporate these principles into the projects he works on.  


Aside from Mechanical Design Engineering, Rupert also performs environmental modelling where he conducts Part O overheating analysis, as well as heating and cooling load calculations. 

Professional Credentials

Education Background

  • Rupert attended Dulwich College in South London, where he completed his GCSE’s and A-Levels.

  • Rupert graduated from the University of Manchester with an integrated Masters in Chemical Engineering with Energy & Environment (MEng).

Professional Experience

  • Rupert completed an internship for a solar energy company in Costa Rica where he worked on designing solar systems and researching the feasibility of reusing electric vehicle batteries in hybrid and off-grid systems.

  • He began his career in building services in 2020, and has since worked on a wide range projects, ranging from schools and theatres to residential schemes.

  • Rupert joined AWA in 2023 and has worked on a number of projects in Essex, London and Bristol. He is continually challenging himself and developing his knowledge..

Hobbies & Interests

  • Rupert is passionate about the natural world and spends as much time as he can in nature. He loves surfing, gardening and bird watching.

  • Rupert is a big fan of music. He plays the guitar and piano, and enjoys going to music events, be it live or electronic.