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Work Experience 2018

AWA promoting engineering work experience in the local community.

At AWA we are always keen to inspire young individuals and give them opportunities in the Building Services industry.

That’s why at AWA, every year, we invite and accept work experience students from Year 10 (Aged 14/15) to spend time at AWA. 

This year we have had three students from local schools with us in our office on work experience. They have been introduced to the world of mechanical & electrical services engineering, what goes on behind the scenes and how we help to make buildings come to life.

We asked the students to imagine themselves in the most fabulous building in the world then take away the lighting, heating and ventilation, the lifts and escalators, plumbing, power supplies and the security and safety systems.  They agreed that without these types of services, buildings would be a cold, dark and uninhabitable. Everything inside a building which makes it operate efficiently and create a safe and comfortable internal environment for the occupants comes under the title of ‘Building Services’.

All of the students undertook some basic CAD work and how it works in conjunction with Revit software. By gaining an understanding of Revit, the students were able to see how Building Information Modelling (BIM) is planning to transform the future of design. BIM is a new way of working that improves efficiency, reduces time on-site and makes sure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Whilst spending time with the Engineering design side of the business, the students worked with both Mechanical & Electrical calculation software including Cymap and DiaLux. They also gained experience of sizing pipework/ductwork and reviewing light fittings for an office development.

We believe engineering is a great career path for so many people and, at AWA, we’re playing our part in educating young people on the opportunities available to them.

As a company, we’re working hard to encourage more new talent into the industry by promoting the opportunities that are available in engineering.

We are hoping any students who come to AWA for work experience, who have been previously undecided about their future career path, enjoy their time at AWA and encourage others to delve into the rewarding careers that are available within engineering.

Posted on Mon, July 30, 2018 in company news