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AWA News

Coronavirus (Covid -19) Update

In view of the rapidly escalating situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) AWA have taken measures to ensure the health and safety of our people and clients whilst maintaining the quality services we provide as a business.

Our Maldon office will remain open at this time, but access is controlled and stringent protocols are in place to limit exposure for anyone visiting or working from the office.

We have successfully tested our systems to ensure that all of our staff can work remotely from home and have full access to our networks and document management systems, our teams are already working remotely and we can scale this up as and when required.

We will continue to support flexible working such as early/late working patterns to minimise exposure during busy periods.

We are minimising face-to-face meetings to those essential for the project continuity. All training, networking and other non-essential gatherings have been postponed or moved to audio/ video calls.

We are assessing every live project and will take steps to minimise risks whilst taking reasonable steps to maintain progress.

Please continue to call the office or email the person you require and they will do all they can to assist.

Please be reassured that we are taking every reasonable step to continue to meet our commitments and keep our business running as smoothly as possible.

We will continue to follow the UK government and advisory bodies guidelines, our current policies and procedures are under regular review and updated based on the advice and our staff and clients will be updated by our management team.

If you have any concerns about any aspect of our services or any project please do not hesitate to contact us.

Andy West
Managing Director

Posted on Wed, March 18, 2020 in company news