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Countryside Supply Chain Dragon Boat Race

Our team comprised of seven AWA members, Andy West, Tim Bailey, Simon Springett, Daniel Moynihan, Chris Hopkins, James Watson & Andrew Wicks alongside staff from BPTW Architects led by Countryside’s very own Ian Faulkner.

We were joined by over 500 other competitors from Countryside’s selected suppliers & sub-contractors who took part to help raise money for a local based charity called SNAP.

30 boats took part in this year’s fundraising event and raised £10,275 for the charity.

On the day, the AWA & BPTW teams raced twice, trying our best, unfortunately we did not quite make the final, which resulted in our boat finishing in the lower half of the table.

However we all had a great day!

SNAP is an Essex charity for parents and carers of children with special needs and disabilities. SNAP’s aims are to inform, encourage and support parents, allowing them to grow in strength and knowledge so that they are better equipped to give the best possible help to their children.

Dragon Boat racing is an ancient Chinese tradition and the fastest growing water activity in Britain today. The sport dates back more than 2000 years where it began in Southern China. They were traditionally made in the Pearl River Delta region of China’s southern Guangdong Province. Today dragon boat racing has become the world’s fastest growing water sport. There are many impressive and exciting dragon boat events for Charity, Corporate, and Youth organizations throughout the UK.

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